Toe Separators

We often recommend that clients use toe separators to stretch their toes.  There are so many benefits to doing this…not only will it allow your toes to breathe while spaced out, it will also straighten your toes up and out, over time.  Say, “Goodbye!” to hammer toes and bunions!

In the past, we recommended the inexpensive toe separators from Sally’s.  They work great but they are thin and flimsy so need to be replaced often.  You would get to a stage in the process of stretching your toes where you wouldn’t get the maximum stretch if you didn’t wear two pair at a time (one pair on each foot).  And, if you wanted to walk around, it was really uncomfortable.

Now, they have come up with these silica gel toe separators.  These are awesome!  They fit completely around the toe so they stay put and they are soft and cushy for walking around.  These are not the easiest things to find…meaning I haven’t been able to find them in a local store.  You can purchase them online…eBay has the best price: click here.