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Turmeric, the Anti-Cancer Herb

turmericTurmeric is an amazing herb.  One of the main benefits is that it has anti cancer properties.  But, I must admit that it has many more benefits than just that.

Recently, while my friend and I were baking dog treats, my friend cut her finger on the cookie cutter she was using.  We just happened to be baking our BBQ Beef treats that have turmeric in them (yes, we add turmeric to our dog treats and we do it because of all the benefits that it has for, not only humans, but dogs, too).  The cut was quite deep and some turmeric (along with dog treat dough) got down in the cut and it burned like fire for a few minutes.  She stopped, washed her hands, and applied a bandaid.  She went back to work cutting out dog treats.  The next day we were at a show to sell our dog treats and I asked her how her finger was.  She looked down and said, “Look, it is fine.  There is no evidence that I cut my finger.  It is completely healed!”  She was convinced (and I was, too) that it was the turmeric that had healed her finger almost instantly.

The reason I told you that story is to give you a real life example of how great turmeric is.  There is tons and tons of research on turmeric and all of it’s benefits.  I think the best educational information turmeric is found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK92752/.  This website gives you all the references for each of the applications, precautions, historical information, medicinal information, etc. It is actually a chapter from an Herbal Medicine book, which is most likely used in Natural Health education.

In my personal opinion, the flavor of turmeric is not my most favorite.  However, if you use it sparingly in a vegetable dish, it is quite palatable.  Turmeric does stain and it will turn your dish of veggies (or whatever you are cooking) to a yellow hue.

Turmeric can be found at almost any grocery store.  However, if you happen to have difficulty finding it, try an Indian grocery market…they are sure to have it.  And, of course, you can always purchase it online.  My favorite place to purchase turmeric is at Penzey’s.  It is always incredibly fresh.  I usually buy it by the bag…a 4oz bag will last you quite a while if you only cook with it occasionally.

From our studies in natural health, we found some ways that are recommended for using turmeric…click the buttons below to access our PDFs.

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