Stuffy Sinuses Solutions

9550709_sTo me, one of the worst things is a stuffy or runny nose.  People get them for all kinds of reasons including allergies (pollen, food, etc.) and infections (bacterial, viral, or fungal).  But, no matter the cause, we all want to know how the heck to get rid of the headache, pain, bad breath, and congestion associated with drippy noses.  Here are some great natural remedies and ideas:

  • drink a glass of water with juice of 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of honey
  • eat only fresh foods
  • drink lots of healthy liquids: water, teas, and broths
  • eat lots of garlic, onions, and mustard
  • use saline solution nasal spray
  • use a vaporizer at night with several drops of tea tree oil
  • spend 20 minutes in a hot sauna daily
  • apply tiger balm to sinus area

apply hot compresses to sinus area, alternating with cold compresses

Supplemental Therapy
  • drink Goldenrod tea to address the infection
  • relieve congestion with vitamin C therapy
  • reduce inflammation with Protease IFC
  • cleanse sinus passages with facial steam using chamomile