Spa Treatment – Abdominal Massage

When you think of a spa treatment, abdominal massage is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind.  However, abdominal massage is very relaxing and has a whole lot of benefits, including improved digestion and improved elimination.

It is actually quite easy to give yourself an abdominal massage.  And, you’ll only need a couple of things:

  • olive oil
  • towels

Here is what you do:

  1. Spread out a towel on your bed or whatever you will be lying on to protect it from any oil that may drip.
  2. Lie down, face up.
  3. Expose your tummy.  I recommend wearing something like an old pair of pajamas or sweat pants and t-shirt.  Pull your shirt up under your chest, just below the base of the sternum, and situate your pants down just below your pelvic bone.
  4. Apply a generous amount of olive oil to your tummy.  Make large circles on your tummy with your hands in a clockwise motion.  Pressure should be firm.
  5. Referring to the picture below (yes, the picture is upside down…that is to indicate how you will be looking at your tummy), use your fingertips on your right hand and very firmly press just to the left of your right pelvic bone and pull up toward your right breast about 1/2 an inch.  Before letting go, use your fingertips on your left hand to press just below your right fingertips, release right fingertips and pull up with left fingertips about 1/2 an inch.  Repeat this process up the blue line.
  6. Now you will move on to the red line.  Use the same process as before, alternating your right and left fingertips to pull up the red line and then to pull across the red line to the left side of your body, a couple of inches above your belly button.
  7. Now go back and repeat this process up, across, and down the green line.
  8. Start over from the blue line and repeat the entire process 2 more times.
  9. End with the large clockwise circles around your entire stomach.
    Abdominal Massage

This is one of my favorite tummy massages.  It is called the “I Love You” massage.  It is used when massaging babies.  You’ll notice the blue line makes an “I,” the red line makes a backwards “L,” and the green line makes a “U” for the “you.”  So cute and easy to remember.

As a side note, you can totally do this to babies that have colic…it really helps to relieve the pressure in their tummies that are causing them to be so fussy.

Of course, don’t forget to set your relaxing mood before you begin your treatment.  Play relaxing music, dim the lights, light candles, etc. Make this time about you.