Product Review – ReleaseZyme


If you have a sluggish colon, meaning that you are constipated (fewer than 1 bowel movement per day), or if your stool is really hard, tarry, or too soft, you may want to consider taking some sort of natural supplement.

Of course, the supplement will aid your body in getting rid of the toxins and debris, which is great…however, the main reason this even happens is because your diet is out of whack and you are not digesting your food properly.  So, while you are taking a supplement to support your body, you also need to make adjustments to your diet and increase your exercise to get your colon functioning properly.

My all time favorite natural supplement for increasing bowel movements is Tranformation’s ReleaseZyme.  I love this product for several reasons:

  • it is very gentle…no stomach cramping or surprise visits to the bathroom
  • it is non-habit forming…not dependent on this product to have bowel movements
  • it is all natural…no fillers or other ingredients that may cause other issues

This product is available on our website – click here for more information.

There are other great products that help improve a sluggish colon that I have used and do use from time to time…

  • Probiotic – this I use on a regular basis and it is fantastic for keeping the colon functioning optimally
  • Formula #1 – this is something that I use on a less frequent basis but do use when I need a stronger push than the very gentle ReleaseZyme.