Best Insoles for Morton’s Foot

ProFoot 2oz Miracle



Do you have Morton’s Foot?  Do you even know what it is?  Well, the quick answer is that Morton’s Foot simply means that your 2nd toe is as long as or longer than your big toe.

It is actually a quite common trait among the Supra body type…and, there are lots of Supras out in the world. 😉  But, even people that are not the Supra body type have Morton’s Foot.  So, check your toes…do you have Morton’s Foot?

We recommend a very quick and easy fix for our clients that suffer with Morton’s Foot.  By cutting insoles in a very specific pattern and wearing them in all their shoes, they will notice that they have less pain in their feet, ankles, legs, and knees.  They also notice they quit wearing out the outside heel of their shoes so quickly.  LOOK FOR OUR VIDEO on Morton’s foot that will be coming very soon…it will give you all the details you need on how to cut the insoles!

Over the years we have tried many, many, many different types and brands of insoles…everything from super cheap to super expensive.  The ProFoot 2oz Miracle is by far the BEST insoles for Morton’s Foot.

These insoles hold up under lots of pressure…volleyball players, police officers, delivery drivers, runners, basketball players, and the list goes on.

You can purchase the insoles from most drug stores, WalMart, and Target.  They range from $6-$8 per pair.

Women – if you have a wide foot, we highly recommend purchasing the Men’s insoles…you’re going to cut them down to your size anyway (per instructions in the upcoming video).

Post below if you have Morton’s foot and are wearing the specially cut insoles…which ones work best for you?