Hearing Loss – Selective or Factual?

What did you say?  Could you repeat that?  I didn’t hear you…  How many times has this happened to you?  No matter if you are the person that can’t hear or the person that can’t be heard, it can be very frustrating.

The thing is that some people say that it is selective hearing and some say they really can’t hear…so which is it?  And, what can you do about it?

Actually, both, selective and factual, are true.  We will briefly cover selective hearing and then talk a little more in detail about factual hearing loss.

Selective hearing is just that…people who hear what they want to hear and nothing else.  This is very prominent in the Supra body type.  There are several problems with selective hearing but the biggest problem is that over time the people who are only selecting to hear what they want to hear will eventually have factual hearing loss…meaning they really can’t hear, even things they want to hear.

Factual hearing loss can be caused by many different things such as high blood pressure, gluten sensitivity, poor digestion, sinus infections, nerve damage, low calcium levels, excess ear wax, loud noises, tinnitus, smoking, and even some antibiotics and heart medications can cause hearing loss.  Wow!  That is a really wide range of things that can cause factual hearing loss.

But, as always, I have a list of some things you can do to minimize hearing loss and reduce some of the symptoms (i.e. ringing in the ear, pressure in the ear, etc.):

Diet for Hearing Better
whole grains | vegetable proteins | fruits | low-fat | dairy-free | glass of wine with dinner (my favorite recommendation!)
massage neck, ears, and temples | pull ear lobes
Herbal & Supplemental
Ginkgo Biloba extract to improve blood flow | Dissolve excess wax with 4 drops white vinegar and 3 drops 70% isopropyl alcohol in ear…leave for 30 seconds; flush with water | Relieve pressure in ears with Echinacea extract drops and Vitamin C therapy | Reduce ringing with Zinc | Prevent hearing loss with Beta carotene and Vitamin C