Constipation Complexity

6991950_sSo maybe you were one of the ones that when reading my blog “Diarrhea Dilemma” you thought, that is so NOT my problem!  If so, this is the blog for you.  In this blog, we are discussing the opposite of diarrhea…constipation.

Both diarrhea and constipation are subjects that people really don’t want to talk about. But, both of these topics directly relate to your health and well-being.  If you aren’t having regular bowel movements, you become quite toxic in a hurry.  This toxicity makes you sick, which can appear as fatigue, irritability, headaches, mental fogginess, gas, nausea, depression, acne…and the list goes on.

Diet certainly plays a role in whether or not you get constipated but it is not the only factor.  There are other things like environment pollutants, chemicals in foods, parasite infestation, lack of exercise, medications, food allergies, and poor digestion.

How do you know if your bowels are “regular” and functioning properly?  Here are few clues:

  • you should have bowel movements every day, ideally within 12 hours after each meal
  • stools should be soft and light enough to float
  • stools should be odorless
  • you should have no gas

Here are some natural ways to get things moving:

  • massage your belly (see our blog on abdominal massage)
  • walk every day for at least 15 minutes at a good pace
  • give yourself an enema (see my podcast Colon Cleanse – Part 2)
  • do a vitamin C flush – take 3000-5000mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids over a 2 hour period
  • drink an herbal laxative tea
  • take a natural supplement like ReleaseZyme
  • drink aloe vera juice
  • add food-source fiber, like apples
  • take Omega-3 flax oil capsules
  • take Probiotics


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