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Turmeric, the Anti-Cancer Herb

turmericTurmeric is an amazing herb.  One of the main benefits is that it has anti cancer properties.  But, I must admit that it has many more benefits than just that.

Recently, while my friend and I were baking dog treats, my friend cut her finger on the cookie cutter she was using.  We just happened to be baking our BBQ Beef treats that have turmeric in them (yes, we add turmeric to our dog treats and we do it because of all the benefits that it has for, not only humans, but dogs, too).  The cut was quite deep and some turmeric (along with dog treat dough) got down in the cut and it burned like fire for a few minutes.  She stopped, washed her hands, and applied a bandaid.  She went back to work cutting out dog treats.  The next day we were at a show to sell our dog treats and I asked her how her finger was.  She looked down and said, “Look, it is fine.  There is no evidence that I cut my finger.  It is completely healed!”  She was convinced (and I was, too) that it was the turmeric that had healed her finger almost instantly.

The reason I told you that story is to give you a real life example of how great turmeric is.  There is tons and tons of research on turmeric and all of it’s benefits.  I think the best educational information turmeric is found here:  This website gives you all the references for each of the applications, precautions, historical information, medicinal information, etc. It is actually a chapter from an Herbal Medicine book, which is most likely used in Natural Health education.

In my personal opinion, the flavor of turmeric is not my most favorite.  However, if you use it sparingly in a vegetable dish, it is quite palatable.  Turmeric does stain and it will turn your dish of veggies (or whatever you are cooking) to a yellow hue.

Turmeric can be found at almost any grocery store.  However, if you happen to have difficulty finding it, try an Indian grocery market…they are sure to have it.  And, of course, you can always purchase it online.  My favorite place to purchase turmeric is at Penzey’s.  It is always incredibly fresh.  I usually buy it by the bag…a 4oz bag will last you quite a while if you only cook with it occasionally.

From our studies in natural health, we found some ways that are recommended for using turmeric…click the buttons below to access our PDFs.

Cook with Turmeric Cook with Turmeric Cont’d


Product Review – ReleaseZyme


If you have a sluggish colon, meaning that you are constipated (fewer than 1 bowel movement per day), or if your stool is really hard, tarry, or too soft, you may want to consider taking some sort of natural supplement.

Of course, the supplement will aid your body in getting rid of the toxins and debris, which is great…however, the main reason this even happens is because your diet is out of whack and you are not digesting your food properly.  So, while you are taking a supplement to support your body, you also need to make adjustments to your diet and increase your exercise to get your colon functioning properly.

My all time favorite natural supplement for increasing bowel movements is Tranformation’s ReleaseZyme.  I love this product for several reasons:

  • it is very gentle…no stomach cramping or surprise visits to the bathroom
  • it is non-habit forming…not dependent on this product to have bowel movements
  • it is all natural…no fillers or other ingredients that may cause other issues

This product is available on our website – click here for more information.

There are other great products that help improve a sluggish colon that I have used and do use from time to time…

  • Probiotic – this I use on a regular basis and it is fantastic for keeping the colon functioning optimally
  • Formula #1 – this is something that I use on a less frequent basis but do use when I need a stronger push than the very gentle ReleaseZyme.

NOW Brand Vitamin C



Vitamin C has so many wonderful benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, lipid profiles, blood pressure, and body mass index, as well as, keeping bowels moving and fighting of colds and helping manage allergies.

There are a LOT of different brands of Vitamin C on the market today…some are super expensive and some are super cheap; some are loaded with fillers and some are high quality; some are hard pills and some are capsules and even some others are crystals.  So which one is the best choice for you?

Here are my recommendations (but please check with your physician before making any changes to your diet or supplemental program):

  • If you are combating an acute allergy attack, you want high quality crystals
  • If you think you are coming down with the flu or a cold, the capsules are just fine, as long as they are high quality
  • If you need to give your bowels a little nudge, you want high quality crystals
  • No matter what you are experiencing…unless it is an absolute emergency and there are no other choices…avoid the hard pills.  And, in this circumstance a chewable is a much better choice than just a hard tablet.

My favorite brand of Vitamin C is NOW and we recommend it in our clinic all the time for several reasons:

  1. It is a high quality
  2. It is in a capsule
  3. It is easy to find in a regular store
  4. It is inexpensive

This is actually one of those vitamins that you should keep on hand all the time.  It is good for so many different things that you just can’t go wrong.  And, it is water soluble meaning that you can’t really overdose on it.  If, by chance, you do take too much of it, you will have very loose bowels (diarrhea) but you’ll be just fine…in fact, you might be even better by getting rid of some excess toxins. 😉

Toe Separators

We often recommend that clients use toe separators to stretch their toes.  There are so many benefits to doing this…not only will it allow your toes to breathe while spaced out, it will also straighten your toes up and out, over time.  Say, “Goodbye!” to hammer toes and bunions!

In the past, we recommended the inexpensive toe separators from Sally’s.  They work great but they are thin and flimsy so need to be replaced often.  You would get to a stage in the process of stretching your toes where you wouldn’t get the maximum stretch if you didn’t wear two pair at a time (one pair on each foot).  And, if you wanted to walk around, it was really uncomfortable.

Now, they have come up with these silica gel toe separators.  These are awesome!  They fit completely around the toe so they stay put and they are soft and cushy for walking around.  These are not the easiest things to find…meaning I haven’t been able to find them in a local store.  You can purchase them online…eBay has the best price: click here.


Cayenne Pepper Not Just for Circulation


Ccayenneayenne pepper is known for the benefit of increasing blood circulation…but, the benefits of this spicy pepper extend way beyond heart health.

Cayenne pepper is an “anti-everything” it seems.  It is an:

  • anti-cold
  • anti-flu
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-allergen
  • anti-redness
  • anti-bacterial
  • and, even possibly, anti-cancer

In addition to fighting against all these varied issues, cayenne pepper is also a pain reliever.  Try it to relieve pain associated with toothaches, joint pain, and migraines.

Want to lose weight?  Cayenne pepper is a great digestive aid — it produces saliva, stimulates the digestive tract, and increases metabolism while reducing appetite.

And, that’s not all…use cayenne pepper as a poultice to treat snake bites, sores, and wounds.

Wow…Cayenne Pepper is an amazing herb!

Post your stories about cayenne pepper below…  How have you used it?  What was your experience?

NOTE: Be sure to keep fingers away from your eyes after handling cayenne pepper…it’s also an fantastic burning agent of the eyes. 😉

Evening Primrose Oil for High Blood Pressure

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GNC Women's Evening Primrose Oil 1300 - GNC - GNC


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is one of my very favorite natural remedies!  I use it for so many different ailments…dry eyes, PMS, bacterial infections, and a plethora of other things.  It’s even good for eczema and rheumatoid arthritis.

Honestly, I didn’t know that EPO was also good for managing high blood pressure.  But, once I started doing research, I found that it totally makes sense that EPO is good for high blood pressure because it is full of essential fatty acids, specifically Omega 6.

Now, because EPO can lower blood pressure, you need to be really careful about taking EPO if you are taking blood pressure medications.  Allowing your blood pressure to get too low is just a detrimental as allowing it to get too high.  There are a couple of other cautions about taking EPO…don’t take it if:

  • you have epilepsy or seizures
  • bleeding or blood problems
  • you are taking Phenothizines for schizophrenia
  • you are taking medications to control seizures
  • you are taking antidepressants
  • you are taking blood thinners

The BEST brand of EPO is GNC’s Women’s Formula 1300 mg.  You can purchase it here.  It is a very high quality product with enough milligrams that I can take fewer gel caps to get my daily dose than if I were to use other brands.  And, it is a GREAT price…under 20 bucks!

Do you use EPO?  If so, what type of success or problems have you experienced?

Glucosamine Chondroitin for Arthritis Pain

There are a lot of people that swear by the supplement that combines glucosamine and chondroitin to relieve joint aches and pain.  And, then there are others that have found they have little or no results from taking this supplement.  So, the question becomes “to take glucosamine chondroitin or not to take it?”

After a little research, I’ve found some very interesting and useful information on this supplement.  Two things stuck out to me:

  1. “A major study of glucosamine and chondroitin published in The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that how much relief a person gets depends on how severe his or her arthritis pain is to begin with.” Reference: Harvard Health Publications (click the link to read the full article)
  2. A recent JAMA study revealed that among overweight and obese adults with knee osteoarthritis, following an intensive diet and exercise program led to less pain and better function, along with better physical health-related qualify of life scores.” Reference: Fitness Peak (click the link to read the full article)

After reading these two articles it became pretty evident to me that unless you have severe arthritic pain that you should probably not take glucosamine chondroitin.  Your best bet is to increase your activity with exercise and stretching to relieve the minor aches and pains associated with arthritis.  Of course, changing your diet and eating foods that promote health and avoid foods that trigger flare-ups will also help you manage the pain.

However, if you are one of those people that have severe pain and/or have had great success with the supplement, be sure to check the labels and choose a brand that is high quality with few to no fillers.  As a side note, always choose supplements in capsules or gel caps over hard pills.  Hard pills are very difficult for your body to process and end up as waste more often than as a benefit.

GastroZyme Review

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GastroZymeTransformation’s GastroZyme is amazing!!!

We have had many, many clients over the years that were suffering with acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, or whatever you want to call it and after taking GastroZyme and making dietary and lifestyle changes they no longer suffer with heartburn, gas, or bloating.

This all natural, vegetarian supplement has herbs that are known to soothe the mucosal lining.  Even people with the most sensitive stomach can take this supplement without issue.

The thing I love the most is it does not mess with the acid productivity in the stomach.  It just simply soothes the stomach and allows for the body to heal itself.  Isn’t that the real goal in the end…to support the body so that it can heal itself?  Absolutely!

You can purchase GastroZyme in the Bartann Store.  If you’d like more information on GastroZyme or any other enzymes, please feel free to contact me at


Best Insoles for Morton’s Foot

ProFoot 2oz Miracle



Do you have Morton’s Foot?  Do you even know what it is?  Well, the quick answer is that Morton’s Foot simply means that your 2nd toe is as long as or longer than your big toe.

It is actually a quite common trait among the Supra body type…and, there are lots of Supras out in the world. 😉  But, even people that are not the Supra body type have Morton’s Foot.  So, check your toes…do you have Morton’s Foot?

We recommend a very quick and easy fix for our clients that suffer with Morton’s Foot.  By cutting insoles in a very specific pattern and wearing them in all their shoes, they will notice that they have less pain in their feet, ankles, legs, and knees.  They also notice they quit wearing out the outside heel of their shoes so quickly.  LOOK FOR OUR VIDEO on Morton’s foot that will be coming very soon…it will give you all the details you need on how to cut the insoles!

Over the years we have tried many, many, many different types and brands of insoles…everything from super cheap to super expensive.  The ProFoot 2oz Miracle is by far the BEST insoles for Morton’s Foot.

These insoles hold up under lots of pressure…volleyball players, police officers, delivery drivers, runners, basketball players, and the list goes on.

You can purchase the insoles from most drug stores, WalMart, and Target.  They range from $6-$8 per pair.

Women – if you have a wide foot, we highly recommend purchasing the Men’s insoles…you’re going to cut them down to your size anyway (per instructions in the upcoming video).

Post below if you have Morton’s foot and are wearing the specially cut insoles…which ones work best for you?