Calcium Rich Recipes

Eating calcium rich foods is good for your bones, your weight, and for preventing arthritis.

I was doing some research to find a really good calcium rich recipe and came across this website…  They have several YUMMY sounding calcium rich recipes.  So instead of listing only one recipe, I’ve linked to the site so you can choose for yourself. 😉

If you are more adventurous and would like to create your own calcium rich recipes, click here for a list of calcium rich foods.

I was surprised at the foods that were so high in calcium.  I noticed that you could easily make little individual pizzas with fortified english muffins, a little alfredo sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozarella cheese.  My mouth is watering.  LOL!

You could even make a broccoli salad with fresh broccoli, shrimp, and parmesan cheese with a light yogurt dressing.  Are your creative juices flowing yet?