We offer multiple alternative treatments and therapies to help you achieve and maintain a pain free lifestyle.

Each client is unique, therefore, treatments and therapies are customized to fit your individual needs.

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ALCAT Testing and Consultation

The ALCAT test identifies cellular reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals and herbs.  These inflammatory reactions are linked to chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint, and digestive disorders.

Access Bars

This is a gentle and non-invasive hands-on body process that allow you and your body to begin releasing all the limiting thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever head, about anything.  Based on touching 32 points on the head, this technique is similar to deleting files off your computer’s hard-drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new.

Enzyme & Nutritional Coaching

The body has the ability to heal on it’s own, however; proper nutrition is required to maintain homeostasis and health in the body.  Enzymes have many functions in the body, one of which is metabolism.  The role of enzymes in metabolism is to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates so they can be utilized by the body.  Based on a quick questionnaire, we educate you on enzymes and nutrition that may benefit you in achieving health and wellness.

Rehabilitation & Strengthening Stretches

One of the functions at Bartann Therapy is to teach individuals how to become more responsible and proactive as it pertains to their health and well-being.  Therefore, each client that has therapy in our clinic receives stretches to do at home to compliment the therapy.  These rehabilitation stretches help to restore the condition of muscles, increase range of motion, and reduce pain.  The stretches are gentle on the body and designed to be done rhythmically on a daily basis.

Soft Tissue Release Therapy

This is an interactive therapy, with compression and movement, to release contracted muscles that cause pain and discomfort.  In addition to relieving pain, Soft Tissue Release also provides increased range of motion.

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