The Clinic

We have been helping people improve their lifestyle and living since 1999.


Our Background

Merle has always believed in healing with prayer and natural remedies.  She overcame a diagnosis in the 1980s that had no cure or treatment available in the medical community.  With prayer, meditation, diet  and lifestyle changes, nutritional support, and other holistic therapies, Merle recovered completely.

Merle desired to share the knowledge she gained during that time and began to look for ways to do that.  In 1999, Merle and her daughter, Melody, opened Bartann Massage Therapy Clinic.  Together, Merle and Melody have continued their education, including receiving a degree in Science of Natural Health, and perfected the art of pain relief and pain management.

With over 14 years of experience, knowledge, and extensive studies in Nevis, West Indies, Bartann offers therapy for the mind, body, and soul.